Mediation vs litigation

For years, you and your spouse have known each other, your children, their needs, your economic situation, and thousands of other details about your family and finances...

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Mediation vs litigation

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Litigation Mediation vs

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Southtown Location N. Matrimonial Mediation Center of Buffalo, Inc. Using existing codes along with subjective considerations as determined by the interested parties and their Mediation specialist.

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Parties in disputes have several options to try to resolve their disagreements short of resorting to fisticuffs. Below is an overview of these options:. Regardless of which method you choose to try to resolve your dispute, you are always free to settle your dispute with the other side; and the party who initiates the complaint is free to withdraw his or her complaint at any time prior to — or even during — a formal trial, arbitration, or mediation. Below is an overview of these options: Litigation refers to the use of state or federal depending on the claims asserted, the amount at issue, and where the parties reside court processes to resolve a dispute according to the rules in place in that jurisdiction.

Vs litigation Mediation

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Is any time a good time for mediation? I am about to propose mediation as a way of resolving a substantial dispute in which I act for a claimant.

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Free Telephone Consultation Email. Many people don't realize that they have a choice about how their divorce or other family law matter...


Mediation vs litigation

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Many people go into a divorce with swords pulled. They want to get even. They want to punish their spouse for making them feel bad. Humiliated. Depressed. Parties in disputes have several options to...