What are women most insecure about

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A young man recently asked me why women are so insecure and why they make bad decisions in dating? Needless to say, I had a very long reply for him.

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A quick web search regarding the most common insecurities among women yields some interesting, and perhaps disturbing results. The only other type of insecurity which easily rears its head is the type involving insecurities in her relationship; in other words, her worries about what a man thinks of her. Other than those two types of insecurity, namely:.

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What are women most insecure about

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You're probably a pretty secure woman. You know you're strong and worthwhile, but sometimes your partner may say something that just makes you want to hide. It's not just you — there are certain things men say that can make even the most confident woman feel bad about herself. I went to the experts to find out what those things are.

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