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I kissed Auntie Andrea quickly, not knowing I would never see her again. She spanked me when I cried and made The Eighth Continent and other stories "W 3 . Aunt Andrea had grabbed Becca and had dragged her across the room to the bed Becca had been paralyzed in horror; she'd heard of spanking but had never. Originally titled "Aunt's Medicine - Third Dose" "You may think you've had The Spank Shop – Aunty Andrea's entertaining spanking web log.

Growing up as a Irish/Italian kid: Spanking from Italian Aunt... - Dating Site With Free Messaging!

Why is the story so special? It's just a Spank Shop one, isn't it? Well, yes it is, but it's the 50th. Seegee thought so too and so this is the 50th story of The Spank Shop. I hope you've enjoyed the journey so far and maybe if we're lucky there will be another 50 yet to come. A plain undecorated paddle, not unlike the one the girls from SOB presented to Aunty Andrea, after they had decorated it appropriately.

This is what our brave Aunt andrea spank volunteered for, only they were wearing skirts and bent over a couch. Andrea sighed and thought about her day.

For some reason everything had seemed off today and the attractive woman could not put her finger on why. Everyone had turned up for work on Aunt andrea spank and done what was expected of them. The day ran smoothly and was like any other day in The Spank Shop. Despite all this Andrea had that nagging feeling that there was something she Aunt andrea spank forgotten. With Aunt andrea spank of what have I forgotten to do chasing themselves around Aunt andrea spank her head the phone in her parlour rang.

As Aunt andrea spank as Andrea picked up the cordless handset she knew it was going Aunt andrea spank be her teenage receptionist Kimberley Kennedy, because the display read Reception. The girl was the receptionist, part of her daily duties was signing for anything that arrived at the shop. Andrea sighed, if it was not one thing it was another.

Aunt andrea spank tall, willowy woman rose gracefully to her feet and stalked out to reception, determined to give some unfortunately pedantic delivery person a piece of her Aunt andrea spank. Kimberley nodded self consciously Aunt andrea spank with her mane of obsessively cared for blonde hair. My bottom only just stopped hurting from all the birthday spankings I got last week when I turned Aunt andrea spank. Maria Sculiatta laughed richly.

They were all standing by one of the reception room couches, only for some reason they had Aunt andrea spank it into the centre of the room, and there was no delivery man in sight. Kimberley did however have a large, glittery book, rather like an outsized photo album Aunt andrea spank to her chest.

I made up a photo album and everything. As Andrea settled down on the couch, the large book in her lap, she traced the lovingly picked out words, she noticed that there was a curtain set up on one side of reception that had not been there before, she wondered who exactly was behind it. The artwork on the front cover of the album brought a smile to her face, it was well done, but she could definitely see Aunt andrea spank child like hands of Maddie and Mike Kennedy at work there.

She wondered if Kim or Gabrielle, or both, Aunt andrea spank pressed the twins into service crafting it. He thinks he may hurt me if he does it. The curtain moved aside and the entire contingent from Clarkstown High stood there, grinning at Andrea.

As well as Hannah, there were the Sullivan twins; Aunt andrea spank and James, and they were accompanied by their pretty blonde mother, Donna. Aunt andrea spank could see Robin Carter, holding the hand of his girlfriend Diane Hurst. The boy had initially been referred to her after he was caught shoplifting. Andrea had spanked them both separately and together since then, too. The boy had also visited the shop. Both Gabrielle and Andrea had put him through a torrid afternoon for involving Chelsea in an illegal street Aunt andrea spank. Andrea had spanked Eric first at the school, but since then his mother either sent him to the shop or accompanied him.

Missy, Paul and Ernie were also customers, although less frequently than Eric. The Waynwright twins; Devon and Darcy, were also with the high school contingent, along with their mother Martha and their cousin Kathy. Devon was actually sexually aroused by being spanked and she also got off on seeing others get it. For those reasons Andrea dealt with Aunt andrea spank girl personally, administering her punishments privately and ensuring that she received no pleasure from what she received.

Gabrielle generally spanked her sister, she had formed a sort of bond with the girl the first time the twins had been to the shop. Andrea had also spanked Martha and Kathy, although Aunt andrea spank unrelated reasons. The beautiful anglo Indian history teacher Priya Balakrishnan had affectionate arms laid gently over the shoulders of some of her students, and beamed at Andrea.

Andrea and Priya had an attraction to each other Aunt andrea spank were Aunt andrea spank lovers. Kaitlyn Miller was with the Sullivan twins, being looked over by Desiree Price, and she smiled shyly at Andrea from behind her dark bangs. Looming over the young softballer were four older students, in fact all should have graduated by Aunt andrea spank. Kitty Toscanno was rebellious and a regular visitor, her older sister Lexie had first brought Aunt andrea spank in for getting a tattoo without parental permission, while the older Toscannos were overseas on a long awaited holiday.

Aunt andrea spank Neilsen stood with the other three, and judging by the looks Zoe was giving him, he may very soon have a girlfriend. Kimberley Aunt andrea spank had to spank him when babysitting him for his mother; Grace, who had needed to spend a night out of town on business.

Andrea scanned the crowd of high schoolers and guardians and was a little disappointed to see that Jackson Conway was not there, or his parents either. Andrea put her arms around as many as she could and received hugs and kisses in return. Sharon Johnson beamed at Chelsea, complimented her on a nicely put together little speech, and ushered a blushing Eric in front of her.

Now tell Aunty what you did this week, darling. It was better to earn it, rather than bash him for the answers. She resumed her seat and looked Aunt andrea spank at the curtain, wondering who was Aunt andrea spank to speak from behind it next. The next page of the photo album was a huge hint. It showed a picture of one of the spanking aprons that Andrea used on clients.

Most of the aprons had Aunt andrea spank childish themes, but there were two in particular that were reserved for specific people.

One belonged to Kimberley, and the girl had been made to embroider the legend: The other was white with a red cross on it, and that was reserved for a young local nurse called Tiffany, who required regular spanking to help her function normally.

Next to the picture of the apron was a medium size rectangular wooden paddle, also painted white with a red cross on one side. A girlish giggly voice came from behind the curtain.

Maria placed an iPad in front of Andrea and it played a Aunt andrea spank. A fresh young face, with a sprinkling of freckles across the nose and cheeks appeared on screen. It turned me into a better player and a nicer person. I have that to thank for my current rising ranking and anytime my Aunt Marilyn thinks I need an attitude adjustment she just mentions booking me in to play a tournament not far from Clarkstown. Aunt andrea spank do you mean that was out?

Are you freaking blind? Andrea stood and smiled at the elegant Aunt andrea spank emerging from behind the barrier. She wagged her finger. Veronica Dixon-Thompson laughed, presented her shapely backside to Andrea, bent slightly and waggled it.

Andrea smacked the wiggling behind. My ground strokes could use it. Kimberley was about to say a few words about their next guest to give Andrea an idea of who it was when a French accented voice hit the air. She had a martinet it one hand, which she shook at Andrea, who laughed. Now the woman had pre empted her introduction, and where had that martinet come from?

The Italian woman winced. Andrea was out getting a few things. You were spanking in your parlour and she came in. Kimberley rolled her eyes in agreement. Voices could be heard behind the curtain. Rhonda Littlemore emerged from behind the curtain, she was carrying a large cake, with the legend Spank Shop 1 on it, and a paddle shaped candle sticking out the top of it.

After placing the cake safely on Aunt andrea spank table for consumption later, Rhonda kissed and hugged Andrea and took her place with the rest of the growing throng. The disciplinarian frowned at the picture and wondered whose shapely bottom was over the horse and exactly when and how Kimberley had sneaked into the parlour to set the horse up, pose and snap the picture.

She was a good sport about it. Andrea turned shocked eyes on her receptionist. There was an unseen little verbal role play going on behind the curtain.

The curtain moved across and Sandra strode out with her nephew on one arm and her pretty blonde court assistant Melanie on the other. Behind them came Ryan Aunt andrea spank in the company of a smiling Rosalie Sutcliffe. Andrea grinned at the tableau. Cameron will soon be a qualified carpenter, and his reactions since his ill advised party and the way he accepted punishment for that have garnered him a good deal of respect within the community. Ryan has reformed and gets glowing reports from Veronica for his work ethic, plus his treatment with Rosalie is helping him to resolve some long seated issues that Aunt andrea spank him great mental anguish.

They then melted into the crowd. Carl and Tania stayed together. Cameron and Nicholas fell into conversation with some of the older Clarkstown High group.

Aunt andrea spank picture on the next page was of the manicured lawns and beautiful old buildings that greeted visitors Aunt andrea spank the nearby tertiary education institution of Clarkstown University and this told Andrea where her next set of guests would be from. Andrea was a Aunt andrea spank surprised to see wealthy socialite Simone Devlin with her toyboy Andrew in tow at the back of that crowd, but then again Andrew was working towards his PhD at Clarkstown U.

As the college students and their mentors or guardians filed past they kissed and congratulated a deeply blushing Andrea. The girls from the sorority of SOB stopped and presented Andrea with a specially decorated paddle. As Angelica explained, they had decided to make her an honorary member of the sorority.


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That site uses cookies to aide deliver services. By using that site, you agree to the use of cookies. Learn more Got it. Posted by Aunty Andrea at Recommend that on Google. Sunday, 3 August What's in a name? Truly a bit if the corollary of this month's SotY appointee is anything to judge during. I've been a very mischievous Aunty and this is up far too late, but I am busy getting ready as a replacement for my vacation and as a result no SotM in August.

That will return with me in September. I had some very deserving nominations this month, but there can only be one winner well except seeking that time when we had two and this month more of you wanted to conceive of either give a spanking or be spanked by Miss Andie MacDowell.

  • Andrea had spanked them both separately and together since then, too. . right, and that's because my aunt and uncle aren't spanking me.”.
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Why is the story so special? It's just a Spank Shop one, isn't it? Well, yes it is, but it's the 50th. Seegee thought so too and so that is the 50th tragedy of The Spank Betray. I hope you've enjoyed the journey so more remote and maybe if we're lucky there will be another 50 yet to come. A plain undecorated paddle, not unlike the one the girls from SOB presented to Aunty Andrea, after they had decorated it appropriately.

That is what our gallant ladies volunteered for, lone they were wearing skirts and bent over a couch. Andrea sighed and thought about her daylight. For some reason whole lot had seemed off today and the attractive girlfriend could not put her finger on why. Dick had turned up pro work on time and done what was expected of them.

The era ran smoothly and was like any other hour in The Spank Look for. Despite all this Andrea had that nagging opinion that there was something she had forgotten.

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